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Temperature Rising Report for 100Watt UFO High Bay Light & 100Watt Linear High Bay Light 6000K°

Author : Ms. Miranda Date : 2018/1/5 21:22:07
 UFO high bay light is growing so hot and popular this year which has encouraged many led lighting suppliers to catch the chance for expanding their business.Yes, we have to admit that UFO high bay light is on one hand achieving high lumen efficacy by its compact design with less costing in delivery, on the other hand is also convenient in installation.
From discussion with all our clients during the factory tour within those two months, they all agree they prefer UFO high bay light mostly than other types of high bays, so we need to admit that client's feedbacks are what the market needs.
One of the clients asked me if I can compare the temperature rising report for UFO high bay light with our patent design max series linear high bay light during my presentation, we agreed to make this test and come up the conclusion as below.
UFO high bay light spec:
100Watt, 6000K, 130lm/w, aluminum housing body
Our Patent Max series linear high bay light:
60CM, 100Watt, 6000K, 130lm/w (high lumen efficacy 150lm/w available), aluminum housing body
Ambient temperature 31.5
After 8 hours testing
UFO high bay light 100W: 68.5(near the led driver) / 64.8(near the edge)
Max series linear high bay light 100W 60CM: 50.8(near the led driver)/49.3(near the edge)
Why our max series linear high bay light is with lower temperature rising?
One reason is that our aluminum housing body is with 200mm width
Another reason is that we have designed a small bracket to allocate a 10mm space for led driver and lamp housing body
For more information related to our max linear high bay light, please refer to our homepage.
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