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Nova Series Linkable LED Tri-proof Light / Cheaper Option & Quick Installation

Author : Ms. Miranda Date : 2018/1/6 0:30:27

Linkable connection for tri-proof light has become more popular and also time saving for installer. One linkable type that most installer prefer is fast connecting connector by male&female systems and it saves a lot of time because the installer does not have to open the lamp for installation at construction side. If we take this option, then firstly the serial cable in between two linkable lamps need to be confirmed in advance, and secondly the cost for good quality male-female connectors for one set lamp is around 4.8 USD.

When we get this question from our client, then we think out another solution which can acheive

1> No visible cable on lamp when delivery

2> Serial cable in-between two linkable cables can be decided at site during lamp installation, no need to decide at factory manufacture process

3> Easily to transform its from single end power supply to linkable double end power supply

4> Supply cable can be optional from 3*1.5mm2, 3*2.5mm2, 5*0.75mm2 and 5*1.5mm2

VDE IEC approved 3*1.5mm2 which can sustain 2000W at 220V and 1300W at 120V in one row

VDE IEC approved 3*2.5mm2 which can sustain 4000W at 220V and 2000W at 120V in one row

VDE IEC approved 5*0.75mm2 which can sustain 1000W at 220V and 500W at 120V in one row

VDE IEC approved 5*1.5mm2 which can sustain 2000W at 220V and 1300W at 120V in one row

5> Quick for linkable connection by ONLY a screwdriver

Some of you might think it's also costly because the linkable serial cable need to processed by installer and the bill paid to installer is too much by hours.

Please kindly don't worry, when you see the video as below, and then you will see how easily it it.


Welcome to write me directly to ask for more information, thanks!
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