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Notice Regarding New Production Facility in Bao'an Factory

Author : Ms. Miranda Date : 2018/1/5 0:09:45
Shenzhen Hongnaxin Technology Co., LTD has decided to open a new factory facility as its subsidiary branch in Bao’an district.
Estabilished in 2009, Shenzhen Honganxin Technology Co., LTD has been engaged in the manufacture of products for sales in oversea markets with around 50 countries, and main market share are in Europe countries like Germany, UK, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Irand, Poland, France, Austria, Greece, Slovenia ect; South Africa like Chile, Colombia; Asia like Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Maldives ect.
The main product includes industrial and commercial linear lighting solutions such as LED Tri-proof Light, LED Non-corrosive fixture, LED Vapor tight light, LED Linear Light, LED linear High Bay Light ect. Especially Enduro series LED Tri-proof light, Nova Series LED Tri-proof Light, Max Series Linear high bay light. For tri-proof light series, it has includes microwave sensor tri-proof light, daylight sensor tri-proof light, 1-10V dimmable tri-proof light, DALI dimmable tri-proof light, emergency tri-proof light, Zigbee control tri-proof light and linkable tri-proof light ect. “Patent Design Certificate” has been awarded to us by its unique design, energy saving and easy installation.
New facility in Bao’an district is close to center Shenzhen city which is convinient for facotry visit, also it’s equiped with sample showroom to make its efficient for product and project discussion.
Detailed address in Bao'an district is as below:
No.5 Building, XiYuanTong Industrial Area, Minsheng Road, Liaokeng Village, Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, 518108, China

Welcome for factory tour!
                                                                                                     Shenzhen Hongnaxin Technology Co., LTD
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