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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures for Installation in Food Processing Plants

Author : Ms. Miranda Date : 2018/1/8 4:39:45

LED Vapor Tight fixtures is suitable for application in food processing environments and locations with similar sanitation requirements. The design for this vapor tight fixtures meets the standard for application to cleaning and sanitation of equipment used in the storing, preparing, or handling of food and beverages. These include food and beverage processing plants as well as commercial kitchens.

Shenzhen Hongnaxin Technology Co., LTD focuses on the LED-based linear lighting fixtures to provide illumination in a shatter-proof, watertight housing, and comes out a solution called compact TPC65 series led vapor tight fixtures. The housing can withstand the daily wash downs needed to prevent bacteria growth and harborage of other contaminants such as the oil, grease, dust, smoke, or steam that would normally decrease a luminaire’s efficiency.

Shenzhen Hongnaxin Technology Co., LTD offers 20 watts,30 watts, 40 watts 50 watts versions of the vapor tight line of luminaires in color temperatures of 4000K,5000K and 6000K. The Vapor Tight fixtures(vapor tight luminaires) come in two or four foot lengths with IP65 rated, and the company constructs them with a one-piece, non-corrosive, non-toxic polycarbonate body that protects the LED light source from dirt, water, corrosion and other contaminants. Housing and diffuser are in one integrated complete body, and also the design features seals and gaskets for all of the openings on the fixture body especially for both end caps.

Compared to traditional fluorescent strip lights or T5/T8 led tubes, LED Vapor Tight fixtures deliver more than 60 percent energy savings. It offer a significantly longer projected lifetime of 35,000 hours that minimizes maintenance labor work or downtime in productivity for processing plants. The fixtures offers thick aluminum plate inside the polycarbonate body that produce cooler operating temperatures, higher lumen output and greater energy savings than the conventional light sources they replace. In addition to illumination for commercial food processing operations, it's also an ideal and energy-efficient replacement for fluorescent lighting in airports, car wash operations, warehouse, workshop, stairwells, parking garages, tunnels, and maintenance areas.

Except for standard on/off function, other intelligent control system can also be added which includes microwave motion sensor, 1-10V dimmable and emergency battery pack up.

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